Interested in teaching with Moodle – Get ready for the next Learn Moodle MOOC, Signup today #learnMoodle #Moodle

Are you a teacher looking to use Moodle for teaching online? Do you want to learn Moodle and how it can be used in online learning environment? Then get ready, the next official Moodle MOOC organized by Moodle HQ for teaching with Moodle is starting from Monday 19th June 2017.

Teaching with Moodle MOOC also known as Learn Moodle MOOC is a 4 week online course where learners will explore the Moodle features and create a practice course of their own. The practice course is the best way to reflect upon your learn and if you face any problem, you can seek help from other Moodlers in the course.

Interested in teaching with Moodle - Get ready for the next Learn Moodle MOOC, Signup today #learnMoodle #Moodle

Registrations for the next edition of the Teaching with Moodle MOOC are open now and you can register yourself through this link. The free of cost MOOC course is designed for everyone who wants to use Moodle learning platform for teaching online. This time the MOOC will be based on the latest Moodle version i.e. Moodle 3.3.

What is the advantage of participating in this MOOC:

Designed to provide a good foundation and context to Moodle, the course covers the basics of the open source (and free!) learning platform, including how to set up and effectively use Moodle in teaching. In the last run of the MOOC, around 5k participants signed up for the course out of which around 70% of the participants are completely new to Moodle. The MOOC provides:

  • Structured, easy to understand content
  • Optional live sessions each week
  • Activity-based learning where participants create their own courses
  • Grading tools, creating activities such as quizzes, glossaries and assignments, handling deadlines and managing enrolments.
  • Learning at your own pace.
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You can register to take part in the Teaching with Moodle MOOC – June 2017 and connect with the vibrant Moodle community. If you are already an experienced Moodler then you can share your experience/ knowledge with the new users.

Click here to learn more about the Learn Moodle MOOC.

Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh, passionate about using Moodle in improving the Indian Education System and reaching the students in far flung areas where still education seems to be a impossible prospect of life. He is the author of the popular Moodle Book "How to use Moodle 2.7". In October 2016, Jaswinder was elected as the Moodle User's Association Committee member - the first to make it from India.

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