Moodle HQ moving to Antartica #AprilFool #Moodle

Today, Moodle HQ has announced that they are shifting the Moodle HQ office to Antarctica sparked by the discovery of rare algae found only in Antarctica waters.

It’s official, Moodle is relocating to Antarctica!

The Algae when inserted into workstations of Moodle developers supposed to increase the productivity or so called ‘Moodle Power’ by  more than 300%.

Moodle HQ is moving to Antarctica

From the past 6 months, all Moodle HQ staff have used more than 100s of Kilograms of Algae but since the extraction, transportation and maintenance of algae at Antarctica environment proved to be a very costly affair because of which HQ is forced to take this decision.

The team at Moodle HQ are a little apprehensive about the change of scenery but nonetheless excited about Moodle’s cool new direction.

If you are thinking that whatever written above is true then please read this news article on Moodle HQ website –

Seems to be a nice April Fool prank by Moodle but last year’s prank was much better than this one.

How you are making fools of other Moodler’s around the world on this April Fools day? Do let us know in the comments below.

Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh, passionate about using Moodle in improving the Indian Education System and reaching the students in far flung areas where still education seems to be a impossible prospect of life. He is the author of the popular Moodle Book "How to use Moodle 2.7". In October 2016, Jaswinder was elected as the Moodle User's Association Committee member - the first to make it from India.

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