Let students request for recommendations using the Recommendation letters requests plugin #Moodleplugin

Have you ever thought of asking your learners to get recommendations letters before considering them for admissions?  Marina Glancy has developed a new activity plugin which helps you in setting up the recommendation letter requests within moodle course.

The plugin allows you the students to request recommendations. The recommending persons will fill the requests online without any hassle of logging in the system.Let students request for recommendations using the Recommendation letters requests plugin #Moodleplugin

As a teacher, you can setup the questions in the recommendation letter with a restriction over maximum number of requests and minimum number of completed requests for fulfilling the activity completion criteria.

As a student, you can send the web form to the recommending person by just using their name and email address. An e-mail with unique link will be sent to recommending person asking to fill the form online. After the recommendation form is completed teacher will receive notification and can accept or reject recommendation. And the best thing is that students will not be able to see his recommendations except the status of the request.

You can grab your copy of the recommendation letter requests plugin here. The plugin is available for Moodle 3.1 version only.

Have you ever used recommendation letters in Moodle earlier? What are the other tools for using recommendation letters in Moodle? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh, passionate about using Moodle in improving the Indian Education System and reaching the students in far flung areas where still education seems to be a impossible prospect of life. He is the author of the popular Moodle Book "How to use Moodle 2.7". In October 2016, Jaswinder was elected as the Moodle User's Association Committee member - the first to make it from India.

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