Introducing Notifications to users on redirect – New feature coming in #Moodle3.1

In Moodle, sometimes the notifications displayed to the user about an action just performed, is displayed through an intermediary redirect page with an optional ‘Continue’ button before the page again redirects to the destination page like after posting in forums.

Existing Intermediary redirect page
Existing Intermediary redirect page

This kind of redirection creates an interruption in the user workflow and results in decrease in overall user experience and productivity.


Showing information without showing the intermediary page
Showing information without showing the intermediary page

In Moodle 3.1, the intermediary redirect page is replaced with a new notifications alert which shows a small notification bar on the top of the page and then redirects you to the destination page resulting in an improved workflow for the users and helps in improving the overall user experience.

The Moodle Tracker issue MDL-30811 is now closed and the new features will be available from Moodle 3.1.

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