Display configured list of courses using Filtered Course list block #Moodle

Filtered Course list is a block developed by Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) and can be used as a replacement to the My Courses block to display a configured list of courses.

Moodle site administrator can decide to show the courses in the block sorted by category or by shortname matches. Regex matching is also supported.The block also have the ability to hide the block from guests or anonymous visitors, to choose whether an admin sees all courses or her own, and to hide or reveal a link to a more comprehensive course search.

I tested the block on my development Moodle Site on Moodle 2.9, and observed that the block is having very nice features and definitely can be used to replace the My Courses block.

Featured Course List block on Dashboard Page
Featured Course List block on Dashboard Page

You can download the latest version of the Filtered Course List block from the Moodle Plugin database here- https://moodle.org/plugins/block_filtered_course_list

The plugin is maintained by Kevin Wiliarty and is available for Moodle 2.8 onwards.

How you would like to display the course list to the students and which other plugins you use to display a custom list of courses. Do let us know in the comments below.

Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh, passionate about using Moodle in improving the Indian Education System and reaching the students in far flung areas where still education seems to be a impossible prospect of life. He is the author of the popular Moodle Book "How to use Moodle 2.7". In October 2016, Jaswinder was elected as the Moodle User's Association Committee member - the first to make it from India.

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