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In the latest developer meeting held in October 2015 which we have covered here, Andrew Nicolas discussed about the Travis-CI integration vide Tracker issue – MDL-51458

The tracker issue is raised to make developers aware about the benefits of Travis-CI for developers and how to set things up so that you can use it during your moodle development.

Recently David Mudrak has shared his experience with Travis CI and Poster Module in a Moodle forum thread here. He explained that Travis allows you to continuously run all tests and checks in sandbox environments, with various PHP versions, Moodle versions, databases etc. For open source projects, using Travis is free. For projects hosted on Github, the overall setup is incredibly simple.

Travis CI Integration from
Travis CI Integration from

Technically, adding Travis support to your Moodle plugin is as simple as adding a configuration file .travis.yml into the root directory of your plugin and allowing Travis builds to be triggered on certain events, such as pushing commits to the plugin’s repository at Github.

There is a great tool developed by Mark Nielsen called moodle-plugin-ci that provides a template of the travis configuration file – perfectly documented – as well as excellent usage information.

You can read the full forum thread here –


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