Igniting the MoodleMoot India 2016 Inauguration Lamp with Dr. Martin Dougiamas

Wants to stay updated and get all news and announcements about the most popular open source LMS in the world known by the name of “Moodle”. MoodleWorld is the place which will keep you updated about all the happenings in the world of Moodle.

MoodleWorld was started in order to keep all the good people in the Moodle community updated about the happenings and developments going around in the well cultured world of Moodle.

In 2014 when one of my friend asked me that it is very hard to keep the teachers updated about the changes going in the Moodle and make them learn new things every six months, so I thought of providing a resource which can be helpful for such teachers and came up with a book “How to use Moodle 2.7” which is released under Creative Commons license and published on moodle books database. The book was based on the work done by Helen Foster and Jason Cole in their book “Using Moodle, 2nd edition”.

After writing the book I felt the need to keep it updated but it is also very difficult to manage a revision of a book every six months, so I thought of starting MoodleWorld with all the latest news, tips, resources, videos for the teachers, site administrators and developers to stay updated.

In 2015, I took the challenge to organize the first MoodleMoot India and successfully hosted the event in Feb 2016 in New Delhi. See the MoodleMoot India website for more details – https://mootin.moodlemoot.org

Currently I am staying in Hyderabad city in India along with my sweet wife, a very naughty son & a cute daughter and working on this blog to make it the best place for all the news and updates about Moodle.