Usability report from University of Minnesota is available now!!

August 26th, 2015

The usability study which was carried out by Michael de Raadt during the MoodleMoot US 2015 (#mootus15) is available now from the forum thread here. Acc. to the forum post by Michael:

The study involved six participants. The participants were screened and were expected to have little to no experience using Moodle. Participants were each asked complete a set of five scenarios (linked here earlier). Briefly, the scenarios covered:

  • editing the user’s profile and sending messages to students and a fellow staff member,
  • creating a page resource and embedding a video,
  • creating a quiz including a number of question types,
  • creating an assignment and
  • creating a choice activity.

You can download the usability report here.

If you would like to be involved further, then:

  • UX Researchers are welcome to view the complete recording to see if they can find more issues.
  • Developers are welcome to be involved in resolving the issues in MDL-51211.
  • Users are welcome to watch issues within MDL-51211 and test out the functional changes to see if they make Moodle more usable.

Read the complete forum post here.