Add thumbnails with labels and captions using this code by Mary Evans #MoodleTips

April 14th, 2016

Mary Evans, the Moodle themes forum moderator has posted a new Look & Learn tutorial on Moodle forums about adding thumbnails with labels and captions with small HTML code which can be used in those themes which don’t provide marketing spots.

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New Plugin – Sketchfab Filter replaces thumbnails with the embedded Sketchfab viewer.

July 20th, 2015

Sketchfab Filter is a new plugin added to the Moodle plugins database which requires the Sketchfab for Atto plugin installed for using it. This text filter plugin works with Sketchfab for Atto and automatically replaces thumbnails with the embedded Sketchfab viewer. Read More

Sketchfab for Atto – New Plugin for embedding 3D content in Moodle

April 16th, 2015

Sketchfab for Atto is a new and small plugin for the Atto text editor which enables you to embed the sketchfab content to rich content areas within Moodle.

You can add any sketchfab content into your Moodle course just by clicking the button in your Atto toolbar, paste a link to a Sketchfab model and the plugin will do the work of embedding a good-looking thumbnail into your post for you. Read More

Lightbox Gallery updated for Moodle 2.8

April 16th, 2015

Lightbox Gallery is a resource plugin which allows you to create ‘Lightbox’ enabled image galleries within your Moodle course is updated to support Moodle 2.8 version.

As a course teacher, you are able to create, edit and delete galleries. Small thumbnails will then be generated, which are used for the thumbnail view of the gallery. Clicking on any of the thumbnails brings that image into focus, and allows you to scroll through the gallery at your leisure. Read More