Using Moodle to have a democratic discussion about Digital Citizenship within school communities by Casper Pieters – #mootau15

September 23rd, 2015

A wonderful presentation by Casper Pieters about using Moodle to have a democratic discussion about Digital Citizenship within school communities was given during the Australian Moodle Moot 2015 (#mootau15).

The presentation is a must watch for the teachers to understand the basics of Digital citizenship and the crux of the presentation comes at around 8:20 minutes when Casper describes about the Digital Citizenship policy to be implemented in the schools before the students are allowed to access the school’s network. Read More

Premium Plugins and Themes for Moodle

June 17th, 2015

Currently an very important forum thread is live on Moodle forums about having a premium plugins and themes section. The thread was started by Justin Hunt and involves active replies from Martin Dougiamas, David Mudrak, Gareth J Barnard and other fellow moodlers.

The forum thread is basically a discussion about having a premium subscription model for plugins and themes based on the popularity, number of installs, number of ratings etc. Read More

Moodle LTS release cycle

May 27th, 2015

Right now there is an interesting discussion going on forums about the release cycle of the LTS version of Moodle. Many Moodlers are in favor of having an LTS release after 24 months with an increased support period whereas few are supporting every third release (18 months) to be an LTS release. Some are in the favor of making 3.0 as an LTS release whereas others want 3.1 to be an LTS release. Read More

Enable Timed posts in forum discussions

March 24th, 2015

Ever wondered if you need to show up some forum post after a specified post or else the forum post should be hidden after certain time.

This small and nice feature known as Timed Posts is available since Moodle 1.8 but still it is mentioned on the Forum settings page that it is still in Experimental stage as not yet fully tested. I have tested it on my development site and I found it to be very useful for teachers who wants their feedback to be displayed after certain period of time or else students will not be able to search the forums after long time (elapsed time). Read More