Link files from Amazon S3 without copying into Moodle using Amazon S3 links repository plugin #MoodlePlugins

April 5th, 2016

Amazon S3 links plugin, which is just released in the Moodle plugins database, allows you to link files from Amazon S3 cloud storage service instead of copying them into your Moodle course which is provided by default in Moodle core.

Moodle is having a repository in core named ‘Amazon S3‘ which allows you to add files from your Amazon storage by copying them into your Moodle course but using this new plugin, you can directly provide a link to the file without copying it into Moodle. Read More

Send webmail-like messages to users using the Mail plugin

July 24th, 2015

The “Mail” plugin for Moodle which allows users to send webmail-like messaging to other users has been updated to a new version with fixed bugs and fixtures.

This plugin allows users to send messages to each other, using an interface and features similar to webmail clients. Messages are tied to courses, users can only contact other participants in courses they are enrolled. Reading/sending of messages is done through a new item in the navigation block called “My Mail”. Read More