Propel your career with these 3 new Moodle jobs @Moodlejobs

June 30th, 2016

We have already seen a sharp increase in the Moodle developers/designers demand in past few months which shows the growth of the Moodle as an LMS.

Propel your career with these 3 new #Moodle jobs

Apart from the regular Moodle services, Moodle jobs database is the best way forward for the Moodle freelancers to get started and propel their career with Moodle.

Check out all the jobs postings in the jobs database here. If you want to post your Moodle related work requirements to the jobs database, then login to your account at and then click the “Add entry” tab in the Jobs database.

This week 3 more jobs are posted in the Moodle Jobs database which can propel your Moodle career to a higher level. Check them out below (Clicking the Job title will open the posting in the Jobs database)

Custom vocabulary learning pluginContract USA, Texas (but anywhere USA is ok)
Learning Management System (LMS)

Which is your dream job with Moodle? Share with us in the comments below.