Presentation – Creating a custom Moodle Mobile 2 app by Juan Leyva @jleyvadelgado #mootes15

October 27th, 2015

MoodleMoot Spain 2015 (#mootes15)  which was just accomplished in the past week has seen the participation from many Moodle HQ persons like Helen Foster, Mary Cooch, Gavin Henrick and Juan Leyva.

Juan Leyva the developer of the official Mobile app has shared his presentation delivered during the MoodleMoot Spain (#mootes15) about “Creating a custom Moodle Mobile 2 app“.

The presentation covers the basics of customizing the Moodle Mobile app covering Forking from the official GitHub repository, Building the app with Phonegap and keeping the app updated.

Few days ago, I have shared the video from Sam Suresh about customizing the Moodle Mobile app.

You can watch the presentation below or check out this direct link.

Have you ever tried to customize the Moodle Mobile App? What tools you have used? Please share in the comment below.

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  • Amit Singh

    The steps are not very clearly describe for Phonegap build. It is not useful for any beginner.

    • Hi Amit,

      Welcome to MoodleWorld. I am disappointed that you don’t find the presentation helpful. Please check for building the app using phonegap.

      • Rekha Chandulal

        Yes Amit, with the presentation only, I made my custom app, it took 4 days of struggle as I knew nothing about github, phone build etc, but by trial & error I made my app.

        • Kapil

          Hi Rekha, can you help me with this. I am trying to customize the app, but facing problems with npm node installations. Can you tell me which versions did you use .. or can you share simple steps to get environment setup and build the app. Thanks

  • Rekha Chandulal

    Hi, Is the GitHub fork for moodle 3.1 ?

    • Yes, The official Moodle Mobile github repo is here – which supports all latest Moodle mobile version releases.

      • Rekha Chandulal

        I have that one and have made my custom app – it is moodlemobile 2 for version 2 series, isn’t it? Is there a moodlemobile 3 for version 3 series?

        • No, MoodleMobile2 is not for Moodle 2.x series. MM2 is an HTML5 app that uses the Ionic hybrid apps framework. Former Moodle Mobile versions (1.x) used jQuery and Backbone. For more details, check out –

          • Rekha Chandulal

            Thank you Jaswinder, I take it as confirmed the fork moodlemobile2 is for 3.1 version. I will make my custom app for 3.1- the best feature addition in 3.1 is Offline Quizzes in the app. 1) One good feature to have would be to show topics as icons, presently they are in plain text white background list form – all my customers want icons. 2) How can the css be changed – colour scheme?
            Can any developer help in 1) & 2) ?

          • Rekha Chandulal

            Also, the custom app does not have a Search bar – the official moodle app has a search bar. In this custom app, users cannot search for courses. Would be helpful to add a Search bar.