POET Group – Partners of Open-source Education Technology

August 12th, 2015

Six major Moodle service providers – Lambda Solutions, Nivel Siete, Remote-Learner and Blackboard’s open source companies (Moodlerooms, NetSpot and Remote-Learner UK) – have formed the Partners of Open source Educational Technologies (POET) to formulate the common quality standards & guidelines that will improve and streamline the development process of plugins for Moodle.

Initially they were claiming that the “The initiative is supported by Moodle PTY, the independent company behind the Moodle project.”, however it has been removed now after the denial of the fact by Martin Dougiamas.

The POET group has shared the review guidelines here. However as per the statements given by David Mudrak and Martin himself, it is obvious that Moodle plugins directory will remain the one and only official repository of community contributed plugins supported by Moodle, with its own approval procedures, criteria and quality standards.

Please post your views about the launch of POET group in the comments below.