Next Moodle Developer Meeting on 21st July, 07:00 UTC

July 16th, 2015

Next General Moodle developer meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday July 21st, 07:00 UTC. The main foucs of this edition of the quarterly General Developer Meeting covers the recent Hackfests from MoodleMoots, project work from the Moodle HQ dev team and more.

The specific agenda is as follows:

  • Summary report of the recent Moodle hackfests (Dublin, Melbourne) – David Mudrák
  • Moodle HQ’s personal projects week products – HQ devs
  • Work in progress on Learning plans and outcomes project for Moodle 3.0

If you want any topics to present / discuss during the meeting then you can Contact David Mudrák for details.

For more information check out this official page of Moodle’s developer meeting – July 2015:

Mentioned below are the relevant links for the meeting:

Meeting roomLive stream at YouTube
Forum discussionThread in GDF at
ChatRegular dev chat
Social event pageGoogle+ page
Meeting notesdevpad

You can also tune in to the live stream on youtube in the embedded link below: