New Plugin – Sketchfab Filter replaces thumbnails with the embedded Sketchfab viewer.

July 20th, 2015

Sketchfab Filter is a new plugin added to the Moodle plugins database which requires the Sketchfab for Atto plugin installed for using it. This text filter plugin works with Sketchfab for Atto and automatically replaces thumbnails with the embedded Sketchfab viewer.

Sketchfab for atto is an Atto toolbar button that simplifies adding Sketchfab content to rich content areas within Moodle – just click the button, paste a link to a Sketchfab model and the plugin will do the work of embedding a good-looking thumbnail into your post for you. Read our earlier coverage on the Sketchfab for Atto here.


Installation and usage:

  1. Put this entire directory at your_moodle_directory/filter/sketchfab
  2. Visit your site notifications page to install the new plugin.
  3. Enable this filter and tell Moodle to apply it to content.

You can download the Sketchfab filter from this link in the Moodle plugins database.