#Moodletip – Developing Gamification within Moodle

September 10th, 2015

Stephan Bader, the Business & Technology Applications Analyst at North Carolina State University at NC State University, has shared his presentation delivered during the MoodleMoot US 2015.

The presentation on “Developing Gamification within Moodle” discusses the exploration of course gamification and a Moodle plugin developed to assist with the process.

You can access the presentation through this direct link and here is the embedded presentation:

  • abhishek

    just want to know which will be the best book or any video tutorial if present for the customization of moodle can you please provide me with the link

    • Hi Abhishek,
      There is no specific book for Moodle customization as its a vast subject and depending upon the requirements. However you can participate in Moodlebites for Developers course which is run by Moodle Partner from New Zealand.