MoodleMoot Australia video sessions playlist

August 11th, 2015

The videos from the Australian MoodleMoot are available now on youtube which includes the following videos:

  • The New Moodle [Keynote] by Martin Dougiamas,
  • The power of face-to-face learning with Moodle by Don Hinkelman,
  • Encouraging engagement with technology by Barbara MacFarlan,
  • Using Moodle for our Future Builders by Brett McCroary &
  • MoodleMoot AU 2015 Hackfest by Damyon Weise

You can watch all the videos from YouTube here and the playlist is embedded below:

More videos from MoodleMoot Australia will be shared on the MoodleMoot AU website soon. If you have your own videos, then you can share with us using this contact form.