Moodle Plugins new interface

November 3rd, 2015

Moodle Plugins database which is the official repository of all Moodle plugins has seen new changes in the interface to accommodate the new links like Recently approved plugins, Favorite Plugins, Reviewed Plugins, Featured Plugins and Awarded Plugins.

Moodle Plugins new interface

The changes to the plugins database are due to  the recent forum discussions like this and this. The new links will provide you detailed reports about:

  • Recently Approved Plugins
  • Favorited Plugins
  • Reviewed Plugins
  • Featured Plugins
  • Awarded Plugins


All these reports were available through some deep links but now the Moodle community is having access to the detailed reports about the Moodle plugins with a neat and clean interface.

What is your opinion about the changes in the Moodle Plugins database interface? Do let us know in the comments below.