Interesting discussion going about the Browser support for Moodle 3.2 #Moodle

August 30th, 2016

There is an interesting discussion going on in Moodle Tracker about updating the browser support policy for future Moodle releases started by Damyon Wiese – Moodle Core Developer. Since Moodle 3.2 will contain a new Bootstrap 4 based theme so Moodle has to support only those browser versions who are supporting Bootstrap 4.

The proposed changes by Damyon have to be adopted from Moodle 3.2 onwards and would mean that Moodle would only officially support the latest and latest – 1 version of each major browser at the time of release.

Interesting discussion going about the Browsers support for Moodle 3.2 #MoodleReasons:

The main reasons behind this proposal are:

  • We have technical requirements for the new Bootstrap 4 theme in Moodle.
  • All browser vendors have moved to a continuous update model.

If you would like to also provide your feedback/suggestions/comments about the proposed changes, then you can post in this forum thread or in the Tracker issue here.

I am not in agreement with the proposal as it will force all the learners to update their browsers which will be very difficult especially for developing countries. The best way forward should be based on the actual browser version usage stats and then deciding the version requirements for a particular Moodle version.

What’s your opinion about the proposed browser support policy? Share your creative thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Hello Jaswinder

    Why do you think updating the browsers will be difficult?

  • Ivan Putski

    Jaswinder is exactly correct. If it comes down to eating bread or downloading your new browser which would you do ? Then as Moodle progress with many new features making learning more accessible, many will be stuck with a more difficult path of knowledge advancement.

    • Many Thanks Ivan,

      Have you shared your views/thoughts about the tracker issue?