Best EdTech Journals for teachers

June 7th, 2015

In an interesting forum thread on forums, the discussion on the best EdTech Journals is going on and there is a complete list of journals compiled by Michael de Raadt which includes the ranking and factors.

Here is the compilation done by Michael:

TitleAvailabilityh5-indexGoogle Scholar rankImpact factor 2013EigenfactorArticle InfluenceERA 2010 Rank
Computers and EducationPaywalled8112.63A
British Journal of Educational TechnologyPaywalled4421.3940.0033890.5279A
Educational Technology and SocietyFree online3930.824B
Journal of Computer Assisted LearningPaywalled3841.0230.0019640.525A
The Internet and Higher EducationPaywalled3552.0480.001230.7213B
The International Review of Research in Open and Distance LearningFree online346B
Educational Technology Research and DevelopmentPaywalled3370.001680.5295A
Australasian Journal of Educational TechnologyFree online3080.8750.0009920.2877B
IEEE Transactions on Learning TechnologiesPaywalled2791.220.0002690.1786
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative LearningPaywalled25101.830.001340.7694B
Language Learning and TechnologyFree online24111.9290.0010690.8212B
Interactive Learning EnvironmentsPaywalled23120.750.0005280.2966B
Turkish Online Journal of Educational TechnologyFree online2313
Distance EducationPaywalled22140.7250.0004780.4348B
Learning, Media and TechnologyPaywalled20150.958C
Computer Assisted Language LearningPaywalled20160.880.0007230.533B
Artificial Intelligence in EducationFree online1918C
Journal of Educational Computing ResearchPaywalled19190.6590.0009590.3992C
Research in Learning TechnologyFree online16>20A
International Journal on E-learningPaywalled11>20B
Journal of Educational Technology SystemsPaywalled10>20C
Instructional Technology and Distance LearningFree onlineB
Journal of Online Learning and TeachingFree onlineB

Apart from these listed journals many more were added to the forum thread by other Moodlers. You can also contribute to this list of best EdTech journals in this forum thread: