Authenticate students by facial tracking using SMOWL’s Face Recognition Plugin

October 15th, 2015

It is common problem among all the educators to verify that the individual taking up the Moodle course is the same person whom they have enrolled. Now, you can track the students through SMOWL’s face recognition plugin which is a continuous online student authentication system based on facial recognition technology.

It is a is a biometric approach employing automatic FACE RECOGNITION algorithm to verify the identity of online student. The only additional thing which students needs to have on their devices are:

  • Webcam
  • Microphone

apart from the device and the internet connection to use this plugin. How it improves the life of the teachers in your institute:

  • They will have the student’s identity authentication continuously through the entire learning process, some session or just an exam.
  • They will give credit to the right person. Knowing the student is who it should be.
  • ​SMOWL is passive for the student, with no installation required, just a webcam needed.
  • Their online learning courses or verified MOOCs will gain value.

Here is a small demo video for the face recognition plugin:

For more details please check out the SMOWL’s website here: and here –

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  • maksvel

    It looks promising, worth trying